Stan Lee Comments On Video Games At ComicCon

I have to say, Stan Lee is definitely the coolest guy on the planet. I lost the slightest bit of faith in them after that really horrible TV series. Actually, I thought he'd finally gone completely nuts. However, he has officially redeemed himself by making a quick statement about video games.

When you talk about games evolving over the years and becoming more like movies, in many ways, they've gone beyond movies. To do a movie is difficult, but it's linear. There's a beginning, a middle and an end, and that's it – you write a story. In a videogame, you're writing many stories within the story. It's a totally different structure and a totally different philosophy of writing and, I think, a much, much more difficult one. I get the feeling more work goes into these videogames than even goes into the movies I marvel at the fact the games look as good, and in some cases better, as the most expensive movies . . . Now you watch one of these games and it's like watching the greatest superhero movie, except you're part of it. It's indescribable. And you know it takes a lot to impress me.

There you have it, proof that Stan Lee is indeed still badass. This quote is from an interview he did at ComicCon. It's nice to know Stan Lee has a love for all things geeky and doesn't just stick to his love for comics.

[via gaygamer]