Stadia Pro subscribers have a big June ahead of them

Google has announced five new games that are landing on Stadia Pro next week. That, as always, means that they'll be free for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim and play. This reveal follows an announcement from earlier in the week, when Google detailed a pair of new games heading to the Stadia Store on top of sending 1440p support live for Chrome.

All five of these games are landing on Stadia Pro on Monday, June 1st. They cover a fairly wide range of genres, with several indie games leading the charge. First up is Get Packed, which is a cooperative/competitive title that puts players "in a race to avoid wacky hazards as you struggle to relocate furniture and possessions in the face of overwhelming odds." Check out the launch trailer for Get Packed below.

Joining Get Packed are Little Nightmares and Superhot, two indie titles that have some brand recognition behind them these days. The addition of Superhot alone is enough to garner a lot of attention, but the final two games of the month may help there as well: Stadia Pro members will also get to claim Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and Panzer Dragoon: Remake.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid may have seemed like a cynical crash grab when it was first announced, but when it released, we discovered that there's actually a surprising solid fighting game behind the Power Rangers brand. Panzer Dragoon: Remake needs little introduction, as it's modern re-release of the classic on-rails shooter that released for the Sega Saturn way back in 1995.

All five of these games go live on Stadia Pro on June 1st, but they won't be the only games joining the Stadia Pro lineup next month. As revealed earlier in the week, The Standard Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online will also go free on Stadia Pro on June 16th, making June a pretty big month for subscribers.