Stacked airplane seating concept terrifying

If you've travelled by plane in recent months then you'll likely have seen the crazy rush to stuff bags into overhead compartments as people desperately avoid checked-luggage fees.  It could be worse, though; it could be you trying to fit into an overhead cubby.  Some sadist designer has come up with a new way to stuff more passengers into each flight, using what basically amounts to stacked or bunk-bed seating.

The principle is pretty straightforward: rather than allow people to sit normally, instead get them to stick their legs out.  That way you can force two tiers of seating into the same space, and even bill it as "lie flat bed-seating" since the chairs can slump down into a bed-like recliner.

According to airplane manufacturers, the expectation is that this sort of seating – together with planes packed with flap-down jumpseats – will start out in Asia initially, taking advantage of what's perceived to be "less of a cultural issue being physically close to strangers."  You'd be better of packing yourself into the nearest Samsonite and having yourself stacked in the hold.