SSC Tuatara sustained heavy damage in an accident aboard a car carrier

Last December, we talked about the SSC Tuatara hypercar, which is aiming to be the fastest production car in the world. In December, the car was attempting a second record-setting top speed run when it overheated, and the test had to be cut short. Reports have now surfaced that last month the only example of the SSC Tuatara in existence, the very same vehicle seen in the picture below, was heavily damaged in a car carrier accident.

The car was reportedly loaded aboard a car carrier en route to Utah for another top-speed run when high winds flipped the car carrier over, causing the car to sustain heavy damage. The problem for SSC and its record-setting hopes is that only one Tuatara has ever been constructed.

Since the extremely expensive and fast car is one-of-a-kind, the company has reportedly stated it will be repaired. The SSC Tuatara has been the center of controversy before when a video was shared showing the car reaching 331 mph only be met with criticism that finally forced SSC to admit there had been issues with the video.

The car also attempted another top speed run in January, where it could only reach 282.9 mph. Reports indicate that the car was in transit on Interstate 15 north of Salt Lake City when the enclosed carrier it was being transported in flipped over due to high winds. The car costs roughly $1.9 million and was left heavily damaged, with seemingly none of its body panels left entirely intact.

SSC has reportedly confirmed the car can be repaired, and the company said the damage is mostly cosmetic. SSC CEO Jarod Shelby has also stated that repairs are well underway. If the damage is primarily cosmetic, the 1750 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 that powers the beast is apparently fine.