SSC Tuatara overheated in its second record-setting top speed run attempt

A few months ago, a hypercar called the SSC Tuatara attempted to destroy the top speed record on a closed section of highway. SSC and the crew performing the record-setting attempt happily touted a two-way top speed of 316.11 mph. However, things got dicey when videos released showed discrepancies forcing SSC to abandon the claim and attempted the top speed run again.

SSC and crew attempted the top speed run on Christmas Eve, but all was for naught. During the attempted top speed run, the car suffered from significant cooling issues. The cooling issues reportedly led to a spark plug failure on the car, forcing the attempt to end.

The Tuatara's spark plug failed when the car was traveling 251 mph, which is already an extremely high speed. SSC has announced that it intends to try to set the record again shortly after Christmas. Exactly what time "shortly after Christmas" corresponds with we don't know.

The first record-setting attempt happened on a closed section of State Route 160 near Pahrump, Nevada. This is reportedly the same road where Koenigsegg broke the record with its Agera RS in 2017. As fast as 251 mph sounds, it's far from world record territory today. Way back in 2007, SSC broke the record with an older car called the Ultimate Aero TT, reaching 256.18 mph. That record was taken away by Bugatti in 2010 when a Veyron 16.4 Super Sport drove 267.856 mph.

The Agera RS in 2017 reached a top speed of 277.87 mph. Bugatti was having none of that and showed up with its Chiron Super Sport 300+ and reach the top speed of 304.773 mph. The caveat to that final Bugatti run was that speed was only recorded in one direction meaning the car didn't qualify for the Guinness world record.