Square Reader ready for Chip Cards of all kinds

So you're in need of a credit card reader that'll work with the next generation of credit cards. The folks at Square have decided to run out ahead of the United States' switch over to credit cards with "chip and pin" authentication and make a reader that'll be prepared for the switch. It's called "Square Reader for Chip Cards" and it'll be essentially the same size as the Square credit card reader you've already got in your pocket today. Time to start scanning.

The Square credit card reader that's out on the market today will scan credit cards with a bar code embedded. The next generation works with chips. You might not have a chip in your credit card today, but the next time you need a new credit card, you almost certainly will have a chip inside.

They look something like what you see below:

The process you'll go through with the Square Reader for Chip Cards is the same as you'll go through with any other retailer. You put the card in the scanner, it scans, and you tap in your PIN code.

It's more secure than credit cards of the past, and it's coming JUST in time to combat the NFC payment methods both Android and iOS are bringing to the table. Handy, isn't it?

The Square Reader for Chip Cards will be available immediately and ship in the Spring of 2015. They'l cost you $29.00 each. The Square Stand has also been upgraded for Chip Cards and will be available soon.