Square launches Card Case app for hands-free iPhone wallet

Square has a new app out of the iPhone users out there called the Card Case digital wallet app. The new app allows the user to complete purchases at participating stores without having to pull the smartphone out of the case. The version of the app available now is 1.1. It opens up a tab with the merchant for payments automatically when the users is close to a store that uses the service.

The storeowner is able to see the users face on their side of the app and then when the charges are made the money is automatically pulled from the debit card or credit card associated with the user's app. Square is the company that offers the small credit card reader already for processing payments on the go and has a lot of customers.

It has a large user base that might potentially be interested in the new app. This sounds like an interesting offering, I wonder how many stores and consumers will use the app. Would you use something like this? It seems like an easy way to pay and once you have a setup with the store you won't have to do anything to pay for goods.

[via Gigaom]