Sprint Palm Pre unboxed… minus the Pre

Chris Davies - May 12, 2009
Sprint Palm Pre unboxed… minus the Pre

Now here’s a disappointing unboxing: get all the packaging open and discover that there’s no Palm Pre inside.  MaxPDA managed to acquire the packaging and printed material that buyers of the Sprint Palm Pre will find their precious new handset ensconced within, and haven’t left the absence of the smartphone itself stop them from photo-documenting the unboxing experience.

According to the contents list, Pre purchasers will get the handset, a microUSB cable for synchronizing the smartphone with a computer, a stereo headset and the travel charger (sadly no Touchstone inductive charger, which remains a $69.99 accessory).  There’s also a basic pouch for the phone and the printed guide, plus the user-exchangeable rechargeable battery.

So, no great surprises aside from for Sprint and Palm as they ponder over how their packaging escaped.  Current thinking is putting the Palm Pre launch on or around June 7th.

[via My Pre]

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