Sprint Palm Pixi gains mysterious front-facing camera

Chris Davies - Dec 28, 2010
Sprint Palm Pixi gains mysterious front-facing camera

Photoshop goof or pre-CES 2011 leak blunder; either way, Sprint has some explaining to do about its Palm Pixi listing. According to the photo the carrier has used on the Pixi landing page, the webOS smartphone has a front-facing camera; that’s not something we’ve seen on the handset before.

Now, the rest of the photos in the Pixi gallery on the Sprint site still show the regular handset we’re familiar with, and only the main page has the camera-blessed version. There’s no telling whether it’s a mistake by Sprint’s artwork team – though we can’t really think of a reason why they might be modifying the smartphone like that – or an accidentally posted image from an imminent Pixi refresh.

HP-owned Palm has told us to expect a new range of handsets in 2011 though is yet to suggest what sort of hardware we can look forward to. Meanwhile, the underlying webOS is due for a significant update too, and video calling might well be part of that. For the moment, though, we’ll have to wait to see what arrives at CES 2011.

[via Ubergizmo]

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