Sprint mobile 5G rolls out in first four cities today

Eric Abent - May 30, 2019, 11:46 am CDT
Sprint mobile 5G rolls out in first four cities today

It was a just a couple of weeks ago that Sprint delivered release dates for its first 5G devices: the LG V50 ThinQ 5G and the HTC 5G Hub. When it announced those release dates, it still didn’t have a launch date lined up for its 5G network, but all changed today. Sprint is flipping the switch on its 5G network today, just one day before those first two devices are slated to launch.

Sprint is sending its 5G network live in four different regions around the US today: Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Houston. Those four markets are where the LG V50 5G and the 5G Hub first went up for pre-order, so if you put some money down for one of those devices, you’ll probably be pleased to know that you’ll have 5G service in some capacity when you pick them up tomorrow.

In its announcement today, Sprint claims that this is “the largest initial 5G footprint in the US,” with roughly 3.6 million people and 1,115 square miles covered by Sprint’s 5G network in these four markets. The Dallas-Fort Worth area definitely has the most coverage here at the start, with a 575 square mile coverage area and 1.6 million people living in it.

These four markets are just the first half of Sprint’s initial 5G roll out. In the weeks to come, we’ll also see Sprint launch 5G service in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington DC. We don’t have a launch date for those additional cities yet, but Sprint says that by the time it’s done, its 5G network will cover “approximately 2,180 square miles and 11.5 million people total across all 9 market areas.”

While Sprint’s roster of 5G devices is fairly limited at the moment, we do know of one more that will be launching relatively soon: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G. For the moment, the Galaxy S10 5G is only available as a Verizon exclusive, but that will change at some point this summer. We’ll keep an eye out for more information about the next five markets for Sprint’s 5G network, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can check out our previous coverage for more on Sprint’s first 5G devices and how much service will cost.

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