Sprint Google Voice invites arriving early

Chris Davies - Apr 22, 2011
Sprint Google Voice invites arriving early

Sprint has begun sending out invites for its Google Voice integration, which allows subscribers to use their existing Sprint number as a Google Voice number. Although not expected to go broadly live until April 26, an Android Central writer was among the pre-registered users invited to try the service out early.

The whole process sounds relatively well thought-through. Existing Google Voice users get three months access to their previous number, so that they won’t miss any calls in the changeover, while MMS messages – which Google Voice doesn’t yet support – bypass the service altogether, dropping into the phone’s inbox as normal.

Google’s voicemail system is also used, rather than the standard Sprint voicemail. Although Android devices will probably get the most use out of the new functionality – given the Google Voice app available in the Android Market – the integration will be offered to all Sprint subscribers.

[via PreCentral]

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