Sprint add Any Mobile, Anytime unlimited cell calls to $70 package

Sprint have unveiled their latest calling plan, and it throws in unlimited mobile to mobile voice calls.  The "Any Mobile, Anytime" change impacts the carrier's Everything Data Plan, which costs $69.99 per month and now includes unlimited mobile calls to any network, SMS, MMS and data, together with 450 anytime minutes.

You could already get unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls courtesy of Sprint's existing Simply Everything plan, which also includes unlimited landline calls.  However that is $99.99 per month, $30 more than Everything Data 450.

So, if you only rarely call landlines but more frequently spend hours talking to other mobile users, you're probably better off with Everything Data 450 (assuming you also use a whole lot of messaging and data, too).  As an aside, it's interesting to see that Sprint point out that the above map image "is not a depiction of coverage"; we're guessing it's also not a depiction of the conversations you'll be having, as just saying "Hello!" repeatedly would sure be boring.