Sprint $50 Samsung phone screen fix seems to be a true loss leader

The situation at Sprint at the moment is a bit of a rarity in the smartphone universe – a deal with the potential for no drawback. Sprint has a Samsung screen-fixing program right now in which one phone can have its display fixed for $50 USD. Assuming you've got a broken phone screen and your phone is one of the limited models Sprint's got listed, this would appear to be a genuine no-strings-attached deal... which is honestly a shock.

Which phones can be fixed?

Sprint has a screen repair deal going on right this minute for a limited set of Samsung phone models. Phones on Sprint's list for fix-friendly models is as follows. No other model will be eligible for this $50 program.

• Samsung Galaxy S7

• Samsung Galaxy S8

• Samsung Galaxy S8+

• Samsung Galaxy Note 8

• Samsung Galaxy S9

• Samsung Galaxy S9+

Restrictions on this program include the "working condition" of the device – it's gotta work before you bring it in, they aren't going to fix a truly destroyed phone. They're really only aiming to fix the glass, here, most likely. A full replacement of the display unit would likely cost them a lot more than it's worth here.

You've gotta go to a Sprint store that has "service and repair" services. You've gotta take account of the fact that "same day service" is not guaranteed. The deal is limited to 1 repair per customer. This thing is not "combinable with insurance claims" and you can't get a repair if you're at a Sprint location in Puerto Rico.

Also this ends on the 9th of February – don't go in after then expecting a $50 fix. They've suggested that this is only "while supplies last" and they've got the right to turn away any phone for repair, at their leisure.

How does Sprint profit?

Why would Sprint put up a deal to fix smartphone screens for a mere $50, when the alternatives are almost always over $100? They've got a way to potentially profit here, but ONLY if you go in with a phone that's not on their list. If you go in with a phone that's not on their list, they'll try to sell you a new phone – that's why they're doing this. For that, this is worth the hassle to them.

I'm not going to link you directly to a landing page for this Sprint deal, because I want to be clear: This isn't some sort of referral profit situation. I and we are just honestly aiming to show you, the SlashGear reader, an honest-to-gosh rare potentially no-strings-attached deal for a phone screen fix, easy peasy.

If you search Google for "Sprint fix my screen" you'll almost certainly find the correct Sprint webpage for the deal at the top of your results – or just call your local Sprint location and ask, they'll know what's up.