Spotify's new podcast charts make it easy to find popular audio shows

Spotify has introduced new podcast charts on its platform, making the service a bit more useful for podcast fans. Finding new shows to watch has been notably tricky when it comes to podcasts, something that often depends on recommendations. Though some algorithms are now available to offer suggestions, taking a look at what everyone else is listening to is particularly helpful.READ: Spotify gets exclusive DC Comics podcasts

Spotify introduced its new charts on Tuesday, explaining that it will highlight which shows are trending on its service and new Top Podcasts. The company is currently rolling out these two podcast charts in 26 markets — you'll see them if you use the company's mobile app.

According to Spotify, users will see the popular shows in their particular region; the data comes from Spotify's own listener numbers. Only users in certain markets will get access to Top Podcasts for different categories, meanwhile, including the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and a few others.

Because this chart is split up in categories, users will be able to see the top shows for the genres they enjoy. For example, if you're particularly fond of true crime podcasts, you'll be able to view the top charts specifically for those shows. Whereas the Trending Podcasts chart will show the top 50 shows, the Top Podcasts chart will list the top 200.

According to Spotify, it has more than one million podcasts, which makes it obvious why trending charts would be useful for users. Many people are already seeing the charts, but you may have to remain patient until they roll your way.