Spotify's Google Home Mini promo is back: Here's what you should know

Around this time last year, Spotify decided to run a promotion in which it handed out Google Home Mini speakers to Premium Family subscribers. That promotion is back this year, but this time around, Spotify is expanding eligibility. Not only are Family plan subscribers eligible to receive a Google Home Mini, but those on individual Premium accounts are eligible as well.

So, if you're paying Spotify for some kind of Premium plan each month, there's a good chance you qualify for this giveaway. As always, though, there are a number of caveats you need to be aware of before you attempt to take Spotify up on its offer.

The first thing to keep in mind is that those who have redeemed a Spotify-generated code on the Google Store in the past can't get a Google Home Mini through this promotion. So, if you're on a Premium Family plan and you took advantage of last year's promotion to get a Google Home Mini, you can't get another one this year. Unfortunately, those using a Premium student plan also don't qualify, nor do those who pay for their subscription through a third-party service like a carrier or cable company.

Spotify's offer begins today and runs through November 15th. The promo is open to existing customers and new ones, so you can sign up today and still get the Google Home Mini. The Google Store code you receive from Spotify (which is then redeemed for the Google Home Mini) is good until December 31st, so make sure you redeem them before then.

It may be a little strange to see Spotify handing out free Google Home Minis, since Google just announced the Nest Mini last week. Both speakers share the same aesthetic, though the Nest Mini does have some upgrades worth talking about, such as an upgraded speaker and onboard Google Assistant processing. In any case, you can read more about Spotify's giveaway and, if you're a subscriber, get your Google Store code over on Spotify's website.