Spotify Will Not Be Exclusive Partner To Facebook Music

The popular European music streaming service, Spotify, is ready to make a splash with its U.S. launch this week. A recently leaked internal document of Spotify's marketing plan along with rumors of deep Spotify integration into Facebook suggested a tight partnership between the two companies. However, new reports reveal that Spotify does not have an exclusive deal with Facebook for the social network's upcoming music service.

Facebook has long been rumored to be working on a music offering with the recent launch of Facebook's video calling providing evidence in its code that a music service was indeed on its way. Add to that the timing of Spotify's launch and the leaked internal document that emphasized its reliance on Facebook as part of its marketing, and we get the picture that Facebook Music would be powered by Spotify.

However, this isn't the case according to competing music services. When Rdio CEO Drew Larner was questioned last week about a subscription service on Facebook, he responded with a smile and said he could not comment. Today, Rhapsody spokesperson was more straightforward saying, "We have plans for deep Facebook integration with the next release of our product, and I can say on good authority that there will be more music content in Facebook than Spotify."

This seems to support other rumors that Facebook Music will be more of a social wrap around a variety of music streaming services that includes but is not limited to Spotify. We'll just have to wait for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to tease another "awesome" announcement.

[via BusinessInsider]