Spotify web player incoming (but don't expect a price cut)

Spotify is readying a browser-based music player app for its streaming service, multiple sources have revealed, though whispers of a price cut for its premium product are not, apparently, true. The web player is expected to launch within a few weeks, AllThingsD and TechCrunch report, though it will lack some of the more advanced features of the dedicated client, such as offline playback.

Instead, the web-app will act more as an impromptu fix: ideal for those times when you're not at your own computer but still want to access your playlists. New users will be encouraged to download the full Spotify software, which will be the only way to access Spotify apps as well as downloading tracks to a computer-based cache for access even without an internet connection.

Spotify apparently expects the browser-based system to lower the pain of entry to the company's music ecosystem. New sign-ups will be able to play songs straight away, without having to first download the local client, and the system will integrate neatly with the Spotify Play Button announced back in April.

Unfortunately for those hoping to save some money on their Spotify subscription, however, rumors that the company planed to pare its monthly fee down from $10 to $8 are not, supposedly, true. In fact, with paid subscribers costing the company around $7 in royalty fees to music labels, that sort of cut would not be economically feasible.

However, the premium plan is only required if users want to avoid advertising in their streams and/or access Spotify on a mobile device such as an Android phone or an iPad. The company still offers a free, ad-supported package.