Spotify Video launches return fire at Tidal

A number of updates to Spotify are announced by CEO Daniel Ek including a "video capsule." This video capsule will be launching with partners such as Comedy Central, Vice News, and MTV. At this time it's not entirely clear whether or not this portal will work with music content only, or if it'll expand to a wide range of oddities in the near future. The update to Spotify's apps will occur beginning this afternoon. The video wars have only just begun.

What good news for creators of music videos. Thought dead at the dawn of the internet as stations like MTV and VH1 tossed music videos aside, this art returned with a vengeance when YouTube popped up, then again with services like Vimeo. Now services like Tidal and Spotify are aiming to keep music-related video in the mix with their streaming services.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and crew revealed their "video capsule" this morning with media partners including ESPN, NBC, TED (TED Talks), ABC, the BBC, Maker, E!, Fusion, and Slate.

This video service will be included in the standard Spotify subscription cost.

Updates to Spotify also include a new running menu, made for those that like to exercise while they listen. This menu includes a mode – on your smartphone – that detects your running tempo, matching it to songs that work well with the way you're jamming.

This newest Spotify update will begin rolling out today, the 20th of May, in the United States, UK, Germany, and Sweden this afternoon.