Spotify updates its privacy policy again, makes it more clear

Spotify updated its privacy policy in the recent past, and while many users went on to accept the updated terms (which are, by all accounts, fairly benign), some users expressed concern about some of the content Spotify may or may not be accessing. That all boiled down to a communication issue, says Spotify, which had quickly pushed out an apology when the uproar started. Now it is back with another updated privacy policy, and this one is more clear.

Spotify announced the new (new) privacy policy on Thursday, saying that the confusion resulting from its last policy update was "understandable". The biggest change to the privacy policy is a new introduction that has been written in plain language, making sure that all Spotify users are able to understand what all the company does with their information.

This new policy will start heading out to subscribers over the coming days and weeks, says Spotify, at which time you can double check them again if you'd like and then accept. If you already accepted the last policy, though, and find this whole issue a little annoying, fret not: Spotify says you'll automatically be converted over to the new policy.

Joining the easier-to-read introduction are some new "privacy commitments". The company lays out in plain language why it wants access to things like location (for local music recommendations), photos (for cover art and profile pics), contacts (for finding friends), and more.

SOURCE: Spotify Blog