Spotify is sorry about their new privacy policy

Over the past day or so you may have noticed a new privacy policy popping up when you attempt to open or update Spotify. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is sorry about this. Not because of the privacy policy itself – it's mostly harmless – but about the method with which it was distributed. Asking for permission to access your photos, mobile device location, voice controls, and contacts. Needless to say this has thrown some users for a bit of a loop.

What Ek has expressed this morning to the press and the public is that if users do not want to share the information Spotify requests, they certainly do not have to. That said, each of the bits and pieces requested aren't going to be used by Spotify for anything nefarious – so they suggest.

Instead, each of these items requested by Spotify are being used to "allow you to customize your Spotify experience."

Photos are used to create personalized cover art for a playlist or change your profile image. Location is used to find trending music in your area. Your microphone MAY be used in the future for voice-activated playlist controls.

Contacts are used to assist you in connecting with friends on Spotify. The "sharing" bit – well, have a look at this paragraph from the Ek apology and check yourself before you Ek yourself:

Not a whole lot to be super concerned about. Have a peek at the timeline below for more Spotify action.