Spotify & Uber partner up, passengers now control their ride's music

Uber is set to announce a new deal with Spotify on Monday that will change the way you ride in the back seat of your favorite taxi-alternative service. Or, at least the music you listen to while riding. With a forthcoming update to the Uber app, once picked up, passengers will be able to pick music from their own Spotify playlists to listen to on the car's stereo.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, two sources have said that a conference call with reporters will have Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and a special guest, speculated to be Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, making the announcement. The invites tease it a "first-of-its-kind partnership," meaning it's sure to make a big splash.

Uber passengers will still request ride in the same way as they do now, but they enter the vehicle they will be able to choose the tunes. The full details of how this works haven't been made clear yet, such as if a new app will need to be downloaded to users' iPhone or Android handset. TechCrunch has acquired a screenshot that is said to be a mockup of how the music control interface will look on smartphones, with controls to shuffle, repeat, and skip tracks. In addition, Uber drivers have been requested recently to update the company with details about their vehicles, such as if they have a port for AUX audio input.

Such a collaboration would surely expand the usefulness of Spotify's service, giving listeners more access to their playlists while on the go. However, let's all take a minute and think of the Uber drivers, who will no doubt be subjected to riders with some of the worst playlists imaginable. At least they won't be hearing any Taylor Swift anytime soon.

SOURCE TechCrunch