Spotify TV app launches in Sweden & Finland [Video]

Spotify has begun its assault on the living room, announcing a partnership with TeliaSonera to make the streaming media system available on Swedish and Finnish TVs.  Premium subscribers to the Spotify service will be able to access their accounts via TeliaSonera's digital TV package, with a new TV-friendly UI.Video demo after the cut

Set-top boxes provided by TeliaSonera will be automatically updated to include the new Spotify app.  The Spotify option shows up as a new media choice, and can be controlled by the regular STB remote control.  Playlists created on the Spotify desktop app are automatically synchronized with the TV version.

Interestingly, the STB itself looks to be manufactured by Motorola – at least going by the half-glimpsed logo on the remote – who provide such boxes to many different digital TV companies in various countries.  That does suggest that Sweden and Finland won't be the only places where the Spotify app is offered.