Spotify Playlists launched for Spotify Kids

This week the folks at Spotify launched a major upgrade for their shared family plan feature. Spotify Kids is a feature within Spotify that curates the Spotify music universe in a way that makes the whole experience safe for a kid. With a shared account, a parent can give access to their child via an account made specifically for said kid. With this latest update, they'll have access to Shared Playlists, too.

Shared Playlists is a new feature on Spotify Kids that allows parents to create and share kid-friendly playlists. This system ties in with the already-present 1,300 hand-picked playlists made by Spotify specifically for Spotify Kids. These playlists are made with tracks from the 300,000+ "kid-friendly tracks" on Spotify Kids.

With this latest update, Spotify Kids PIN-protected parental settings allow parents to select which music playlists to share. Playlists "must have been created by the parent" and can be reviewed by the parent at any point.

When a parent creates or selects a playlist and shares said playlist with their associated Spotify Kids account, a pop-up screen will ask the parent to confirm their sharing of said playlist. Parents can visit their parental settings at any time to remove the entire playlist, block tracks, unblock tracks, and access their child's listening history.

The Spotify Kids system works with the Spotify Premium Family subscription. That's a subscription system within Spotify that'll cost you approximately $15 a month and includes 6 individual accounts and access to Spotify Kids. Spotify Kids is an app separate from Spotify – it's literally called Spotify Kids, and can be found on Google Play and the Apple app store.