Spotify Platform apps start with LastFM, TuneWiki, SongKick

This week Spotify was revealed by CEO Daniel Ek as being ready to expand with what they call a brand new Music Platform, and with this came a set of new apps made by developers ready to work with Spotify right out of the gate. What Ek had to show off was Spotify working with the first set of apps developed with their streaming music service integrated including LastFM, TuneWiki, and SongKick. What we're finding here is that while these applications are connected with Spotify to stream music, they retain their original abilities to work with music in a variety of ways.

Also included in this expansion was Spotify's addition of "Favorite Friends" to your friends list on the right of your display so that after you've collected thousands of pals, you can sum up the best of the best up at the top. Interestingly enough, one of Ek's best friends had the most popular Prodigy track on earth in his favorite list which Ek then played for the audience. Very simple stuff for the original setup. As for the several apps that are about to work with Spotify soon, have a peek here – first there's TuneWiki whose most powerful feature is its ability to find tracks by listening to them and display the lyrics of songs as they're played, as seen in this official Spotify Apps video:

As for LastFM, you'll again be able to discover tracks, but you'll have the full LastFM library and resources at your fingertips, all inside the Spotify world for listening to the tracks you find. For SongKick, you'll be tracking your favorite artists as they work with you the listener to provide personalized concert calendars and ticket listings, this again inside Spotify. Basically what you're looking at here is a tie between the platforms. Each of these apps aren't all that different from their original form on their own sites, it's just that they're able to play tracks through Spotify now. We'll see how this all pans out in the coming weeks.