Spotify introduces Music Platform

This week Spotify stepped out from the streaming music business into the greater world of the music industry as a platform – third party developers streaming in to work with Spotify to continue to change the world from one where piracy is king to one where people's options to get to that music easily reigns supreme. Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify stepped to the stage with a plan to outline Spotify's backround and mission, their move into social, and their big announcement for the day. What his and Spotify's mission was and is, Ek said, was to find the best solution outside of piracy for getting music to people's ears in as "good for everybody" a way as possible.

In the time since Spotify started up, Sweden adopted it on a major scale – 33% of the country uses the service! What's more impressive is that in that time music piracy fell 25% in the country – there's no denying that there MUST be some sort of a connection. Ek went through this and a collection of other impressive numbers on how fast Spotify is growing both in the USA and abroad, noting that Facebook has played a big part in this growth in the past few months. Then he spoke about the next big step for Spotify.

Today Spotify becomes a music platform. What this means is that the environment will be open to third party developers who will be able to make HTML5 applications inside the Spotify world. The first set of groups to work in this new world include Rolling Stone, Fuse, Billboard, and Pitchfork. As Ek said,

"Today, we become a music platform, with the launch of really innovative, integrated apps ... integrations that keep Spotify simple but layer in fun & social experiences. We've turned our client in an interactive platform where third-party developers can easily build HTML5 Spotify Apps via JavaScript." – Ek

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Have a peek at who is already on board above and get ready for a whole new collection of apps! UPDATE: Spotify Apps is live!