Spotify nixes time limits on web listening

Spotify has just opened the flood gates of music bliss to all free users of its service, at least if you're using it on your desktop computer. Free users of its web player will now be able to enjoy streaming their favorite artists and songs with no more time or monthly caps.

While Spotify did offer free streaming via its web interface in the past, there were considerable limits to that offering. For the first six months, new subscribers had an unlimited number of hours. Afterwards, such users will be limited to a total of 2.5 hours per week. Depending on the level of attachment you have developed over those six months, it would be akin to trying to withdraw from addiction. It might not be a pretty sight.

Fortunately, certain events have taken place that now allowed Spotify to feed your music streaming obsession. Now Spotify users on their desktops and laptops can enjoy Spotify on the web without limit, without having to pay a cent. Add that to the recently launched Spotify Mobile Free package and you've got a pretty sweet deal going on. Depending on your music listening habits, of course.

The reason that Spotify was finally able to make this bold step is because revenues from ads and premium subscriptions have finally made it financially feasible to do so. Just a week after Spotify launched its free mobile offering, it reported a huge increase in mobile users. We can only imagine how many of those later transformed into paying subscribers. Whatever the cause, it's great to hear that Spotify's business boom has benefited users at even the lowest level of the subscription ladder.

Of course, there will always be a catch. While unlimited and free, the web listening experienced will be, from time to time, punctuated by advertisements. That shouldn't be a surprise, however, and those who are bothered might very well be convinced to pay for the ability to get rid of those ads.

VIA: TechCrunch