Spotify Mobile for S60 gets video preview

Having released Spotify Mobile for the iPhone, iPod touch and Android earlier on today, Spotify have followed up with a demo of their upcoming S60 version.  Much anticipated among Symbian users, the app will support the same offline playback and full catalog access of its released cousins.Video demo after the cut

It will also support background playback, something the iPhone and iPod touch versions of the app do not currently allow for.  Users will need to be premium subscribers – which currently costs £9.99/€9.99 per month – in order to use the software, as well as be in one of the countries where Spotify is available.  So far that means Sweden, the UK, Norway, France, Finland and Spain.

According to the Spotify team, the app shown in the video demo below is an "early version" and still requires "a fair bit of work" before it's ready for release.  Still, given the popularity of S60 in Europe, it comes as little surprise that they've had this project ticking over in their labs.