Spotify Mobile App for iPhone submitted for Apple approval [Updated]

Streaming music service Spotify have submitted a mobile version of their desktop internal radio software to Apple's App Store, which - if approved – would allow users to stream their choice of individual tracks, albums and playlists to their iPhone and iPod touch handsets. 

While pricing for the app is likely to be free, it's been suggested in the past that users would be required to sign up for Spotify's premium service.  While the company offers an ad-supported free desktop version, interspersing tracks with occasional adverts, the premium £9.99 per month ($16) package removes the adverts and increases audio quality.

Updated: Spotify have confirmed that it will be only accessible to Premium subscribers; check out their demo video after the cut

Although this is the first time Spotify has been seen on the iPhone, this isn't the first mobile version of the Swedish company's software.  An Android build was demonstrated back in May, which you can see in the video below.

Of course, the release of the iPhone version depends on Apple approving it for inclusion in the official App Store.  Since the app will allow users to choose from a large catalog of audio and listen to it without paying for individual tracks, there's talk that the Cupertino company may not permit it since it will likely compete against their own iTunes service.  Even if cleared for release, US music-lovers will have to wait a little longer for access: the Spotify service is currently only available in Europe, though the company says it plans to launch in the US by the end of 2009.

Spotify on iPhone:

Spotify on Android: