Spotify has event planned, 'news' to share ahead of I/O, WWDC

The irony is not lost on us; mere weeks ahead of WWDC, where Apple is believed to announce a streaming music service (possibly with a Beats or iTunes refresh), Spotify is holding a press conference. Sending little more than an image saying "we've got some news", Spotify is hoping the press will show up May 20 in New York. What will they announce? Speculation abounds, but the leading theory is Spotify is about to begin a video service to rival YouTube and/or Tidal.

Speaking to sources, The Wall Street Journal says Spotify is currently in talks with various YouTube affiliates to host their videos as well as co-creating future content. Spotify is also reportedly talking with more mainstream media outlets on hosting video on their platform.

There's also chatter about podcasts coming to Spotify. This announcement could involve that as well, though we doubt they'd have a press conference just to talk podcasts.

This event comes at a unique time, too. While companies often hold San Francisco-based events near Google I/O and WWDC to capture an audience in town for a larger gathering, Spotify's event is weeks ahead of WWDC, a full week ahead of I/O, and clear across the country.

Spotify and Apple have had a tenuous relationship of late, if 'sources' are to be believed. According to insiders, Apple is quietly trying to disrupt Spotify's business model, pressuring music labels to disassociate themselves from freemium streaming services.

Spotify has roughly 60 million listeners; only 15 million of them are paid subscribers.