Spotify for webOS arrives on Pre and Pixi

Chris Davies - Oct 25, 2010
Spotify for webOS arrives on Pre and Pixi

Spotify continues to be one of the more compelling mobile applications out there, and the company’s next target is webOS.  They’ve announced that Spotify for the Palm Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus – and, we’re presuming, the upcoming Palm Pre 2 – has just landed in the webOS app store.  As with the Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian versions, it allows for searching Spotify’s catalog of streaming music and offline playback.

There’s also the ability to share tracks via Facebook, email or IM, together with LastFM scrobbling.The app itself is free, though you’ll need a premium subscription to Spotify in order to use it.  That’s priced at £9.99 in the UK, though it also gets you ad-free playback on the desktop and offline playlists.

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