Spotify for iPhone v0.4 approved for App Store

Chris Davies - Mar 31, 2010
Spotify for iPhone v0.4 approved for App Store

After news that Spotify are looking to launch their streaming music service in the US come Q3 2010, we’d wager there are a few more people interested in the company’s freshly updated – and Apple approved – iPhone application.  Announced a couple of weeks back, the new Spotify v0.4 – which adds scrobbling, easier “starred” favorites and several other features – has now found its way into the App Store.

The Spotify app itself is a free download, but you’ll need a Premium account with the service in order to actually use it.  That costs £9.99 ($15) per month in the UK, for instance (and also gets you higher bit-rate tracks and no adverts on the desktop client, among other things).  Full changelist for the iPhone app below.

  • scrobbling.
  • The ability to open and play Spotify links e.g. straight from your Facebook app or browser.
  • Save time and space by using tracks already stored on your iPod in your playlists – there’s no need to sync those track anymore.
  • Save and find your favourite tracks and albums with the Starred playlist and Star buttons (also coming to the desktop version soon!).
  • Support for listening at 96 kb/s for more efficient streaming on slow connections.
  • Spotify remembers when you were when you quit and starts up at the same location.
  • The ability to sync your purchased Spotify tracks over Wifi.
  • A new look for albums and playlists.
  • The ability to set playlist as collaborative or not.
  • The ability to search in playlists.
  • The ability to create a new playlist from the Add to Playlist view.
  • Playlists named “-” show up as separators.
  • Album reviews added to album view.
  • Volume slider uses system volume.
  • Volume normalization option added

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