Spotify closes 2.5 million paying subscribers

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Spotify has closed 2.5 million paying subscribers for its online music streaming service. While there weren't details released by the company about its subscribers' geographical locations, how long it took, or how many free users there were, it's nonetheless an impressive feat, especially in this era where music can be easily attainable for little to no cost, well, pretty much, free. Spotify has done a good job persuading customers to actually pay for it. And they do so by providing a seriously killer music service.

The addition of Facebook integration with Spotify's US launch most likely played quite a pivotal role in facilitating the traction and growth of the company's subscriber count, and it'll be interesting to see more userstatistics and data released by Spotify. Moreover, we'll see how Spotify continues to do over the next couple months, especially since more media continues to become free. By offering a great user interface, a vast library of music, and no-strings subscription, they're currently in a good place.

If you haven't heard yet, Spotify will be holding a press event at the end of the month on November 30th to potentially talk about what's next for the music-streaming service. How many SlashGear readers currently use Spotify? How many readers currently pay for a Spotify subscription, and what're your takes on the service so far? Leave your thoughts below.

[via Spotify]