Spotify Browse brings curated playlists to iOS and Android

Are you tired of constantly going through your music and creating a new playlist for every situation? Spotify wants to fix that. They've introduced a new feature called Browse that lets you search for specific playlists based on what kind of mood you're in. These playlists are created by other users and picked out by Spotify staffers.

Spotify users have created over one billion playlists, and Spotify wants to share that love with other users by letting them browse playlists that people have made. With over a billion playlists, chances are that there's a playlist out there for a specific need. So if you need a workout playlist, Spotify probably has it.

Of course, while Spotify hasn't provided specifics as far as sharing users' playlists, we're guessing the streaming service will leave private playlists alone, so if you have some playlists lying around that you don't want other users messing with, make sure that they're set to private.

Users can browse through user-created playlists, but Spotify also offers many playlists of its own, and the company introduced categories such as top playlists, new releases, and different genres. There's playlists for every occasion almost, such as music for dinner parties, workouts, or just something to fall asleep to.

This is Spotify's ongoing effort to bring more social features to the music streaming service. The company introduced Discover in the past that allows users to find new music that they might have not heard before, and the company also brought Radio to the forefront by introducing a Pandora-like internet radio feature to Spotify.

Spotify Browse is rolling out now for iOS and Android, but it'll take a couple of weeks for the rollout to complete. After that, it's said that Browse will eventually come to other platforms.