spnKIX Wearable Mobility skate thingies look like fun

There is no shortage of geek modes of transport to get you around town with as little energy expenditure as possible. Not long ago we talked about the Honda compo concept scooter that would do the job and is easy to pack into the trunk of a car. A new project has turned up on Kickstarter that will get you around in geeky style. The project is called spnKIX Wearable Mobility.

These things are like skates that you strap onto your shoes. They have two large front wheels and a small rear wheel. The drive wheels are battery powered and the motorized skates strap onto your normal shoes. All the electronics and controls for the drive is inside the frame made from reinforced nylon. Each skate has its own battery pack and motor inside. The skates have a single wireless remote that controls both spnKIX skates at one time. They have a variable speed control so you can go slowly or fast.

They also come with training wheels to keep you from wiping out until you learn how they work. Each skate is 9" W x 10.5" H x 9.5" L and the max speed is up to 10 mph. Men's shoes from size 6 to 14 will fit inside the skates. The cheapest pledge to get your own pair is $375 and you can get limited edition versions for $500 or $950. Normal retail price will be $649 when they launch in March, assuming the project gets funded. The project needs $25,000 and has $3,595 so far with 43 days to go.