Honda shows off motor compo electric scooter concept

When you live in some of the major cities around the world getting around is a hassle. In the more rural parts of the world, you just drive and don't think much about it. In big cities like Tokyo or New York City, a car can be more a hindrance than anything. This is why many walk, use public transport or ride bikes. The downside to public transport is that you never know what sort of weird person will sit next to you. Biking to work can be too much work for some of the lazier out there.

Honda has a new concept scooter that would get you to and from work using battery power over short distances. The concept scooter is called the motor compo. The little scooter is under 3-feet in length and height. The concept scooter is designed to fit easily into the micro commuter vehicle concept that Honda came up with.

The idea is that the scooter will be carried in the car to get the driver across that last mile if they need to park far away. Then the driver can get the scooter out and ride it to their final destination. The thing folds up small enough to carry it into an office or home too.

[via DesignBoom]