Split Camera separates you from your bottom

It's a common situation – Time magazine are doing a piece on you and your outstanding work teaching Afghan orphans how to fold napkins into ornate swans, but you're convinced that your chubby legs will make you look ridiculous on the front cover.  Yes, you could crash diet over the next 48 hours, but all that's going to do is give you cheekbones sharper than Cher's; what you need is this Split Camera.  About as basic as a stainless-steel teaspoon, it uses film and lacks even the nicety of a flash, but all that is made up for when you consider that the top and bottom halves of the photo can be independently exposed.

What this means for you, chunky, is that you can replace your own "extra portions please matron" legs with those of a far fitter friend, perhaps a rower or an Olympic runner.  Salvation is yours for just $14.  See the camera itself after the cut.

Split Camera [via CRAVE]