Spider-Man by Sphero offers interactive games with plenty of snark

In cast you missed the news, there's a brand new Spider-Man movie coming out next month. That means all sorts of Spider-Man merchandise and toys, starting with this new interactive Spider-Man from Sphero. Sphero, of course, made that adorable BB-8 toy that arrived near the launch of The Force Awakens, so hopes are certainly high for the company's take on Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, Sphero's Spider-Man isn't capable of zipping around the room like BB-8 is, but it still seems to have plenty of interactive activities to participate in. For starters, Spider-Man's eyes are actually individual LCD screens, allowing them to open, close, and shift as he talks. The Spider-Man emblem on his chest serves the button you'll press to begin talking to him.

Using the accompanying apps for Android and iOS, you'll be able to go on "missions" with Spider-Man where you'll battle against his rather wide pool of villains. Sphero seems to liken these missions to choose your own adventure stories, with branching paths that affected by your decisions. You'll be able to create a superhero alter-ego of your own for these missions, and the app will track your progress as you make your way through the content.

Beyond that, though, you can also use Spider-Man for more practical purposes. You can activate Spider-Man to have him tell you the time, set an alarm, or play a trivia game. Spider-Man can also use his built-in IR sensor to react to any movement in the room – in the promo video Sphero has put together, we see Spider-Man being left to "guard" a room.

Sphero's Spider-Man ships with a charging stand, and the battery inside is said to last for up to two hours of playtime. He also boasts Wi-Fi capabilities, which is what Sphero will use to add more content as time goes on. Spider-Man is available now through Sphero's website, but like BB-8, he'll set you back $150.

SOURCE: Sphero