New Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer shows Vulture in action

The third trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped today, and it gives us a few glimpses we've yet to see in the trailers released so far. Most importantly, this trailer shows off even more of the Vulture in action, building hype for the showdown between him and Spider-Man. It goes without saying, but perhaps you shouldn't watch if you'd prefer to go into the movie blind.

On that front, the good news is that this new trailer doesn't seem to have nearly the number of story spoilers that the second trailer did. In fact, a lot of what we see here has been repackaged from previous trailers. One example is the backseat conversation between Spider-Man and Tony Stark, which has been present in pretty much every piece of promotional material thus far.

As for the stuff that's new, it mostly boils down to banter between Peter and his friend Ned. We do get to see a few seconds of conflict between Vulture and Spider-Man, though that look is brief. If you don't care about spoilers and you're ready to dive in, have a look at the trailer below:

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a big movie for a few different reasons. For starters, this is the second reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, but beyond that, it's also the first Spider-Man movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps we'll see this version of Spider-Man join the Avengers eventually? We certainly seem to be heading in that direction.

Furthermore, this is Vulture's first appearance in film, and we've got none other than Michael Keaton in the role. With all of that in mind, Homecoming seems like it's going to be a strong entry in the Spider-Man film franchise. We'll find out if it is soon enough, as the film releases on July 7.