SphereShare is the biggest photosphere app yet Android

The app and ecosystem known as SphereShare takes the universe of photospheres captured by Android devices and unlocks it for the world. Where before you'd have to dive through Google Maps officiated collection or move in with Google+ to seek them out, SphereShare is all about photospheres alone.

Inside SphereShare is a collection of over 24,000 photospheres. Most of these shares are inside Europe, but we're certain the USA will begin to fill once the system catches on.

Check our first Bismarck, North Dakota shot – very torn to bits, mind you – right now at SphereShare.net. Let us know your profile page URL as well so we can follow you on the map!

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While this system is relatively excellent on its own already, we'd love for it to inspire Google to create their own stand-alone system. A search function, for example, would be fabulous.

This app is completely free from the Google Play app store if you don't mind the banner ad below, and inside a sphere it's completely the same as its paid iteration. You'll be able to experience this app with most Android devices, and upload photospheres from any Android device you can capture them with.