Special Edition OnePlus 3T revealed with engraving

There's a new edition of the OnePlus 3T out in the wild this week, one with a new sort of covering. The device will be the OnePlus 3T Colette Edition, and it'll be produced in an edition of 250 units. Users will need to find a single pop-up shop at the Colette Store in Paris on the 21st of March, 2017 to attain one.

This device will only be available for one day, and it'll only be at that one single pop-up shop in Paris at Colette. While we wouldn't be entirely surprised to see more units appear on eBay later this Spring, OnePlus suggests they'll ONLY be selling them at this location on this one day.

"OnePlus is an exciting brand that is challenging the way people look at smartphones. We're happy to be partnering with OnePlus to offer this special edition of the OnePlus 3T for colette's 20th anniversary," said Sarah Andelman, co-founder of colette. "The OnePlus 3T colette edition is a gorgeous phone that is sure to draw a lot of attention"

Users will find that this OnePlus 3T Colette Edition will have the Colette logo engraved on the device's back. Users that purchase the handset will also be receiving a pair of Bullets V2 earphones with the package. This device will only be available in its 128GB internal storage size for the special edition launch.

Those lining up now for the release will be waiting until 11:00 am (GMT +1) March 21st. They'll be lining up at the Colette Store on 213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France. This single run of 250 units will be the same as the standard OnePlus 3T everywhere except its outer bits, and will cost a cool EUR 479.