Spar Zephyr Bluetooth speaker takes your calls, charges your device

In the world of tiny yet powerful speakers, there can be no doubt that there's quite a bit of competition when it comes to the right combination of features to make just that perfect hit – and that perfect hit, according to Spar, is charging the device that it uses to shout out the tunes via Bluetooth. So while competing devices have you bumping your tunes out with fabulous sound wirelessly, you'll still have to charge with some extra device or a wall plug if you want to play all day – here that's no trouble.

The folks at Spar appear to be shouting directly at the Jawbone JAMBOX creators as this device sits right in at the same size and shape. You've got 12 hours of playback on a single charge, the ability to play tunes via Bluetooth OR use the whole thing as a big speakerphone, and of course there are several models. There's the Zephyr 300 (the one with 12 hours of playback), the 500 and the 550, the former having 18 hours of battery life, the latter having a whopping 30.

What the folks at Zephyr are showing this device to be rather good at is taking your mobile device to a whole new level for audio. This device works with any device that rolls out with Bluetooth and can charge any device that uses a USB cord to do so. Have a peek at the intro video to see the models and the whole thing line in stunningly pro-looking spinning action. Then we'll see how well the whole thing works once we get our hands on one as soon as their available!