Spaniard claims to have cracked unbroken code from WWII

Anyone who has studied WWII knows that coded messages played a huge part in getting information between different locations securely. There were all sorts of codes ranging from Native Americans who spoke in their native tongue, which the Axis powers couldn't decipher, to German Enigma machines that kept communications secure during the war, until Allies broke the code.

The very last undeciphered coded message from WWII has finally been deciphered. The person who deciphered the message is a Spanish man named D dac Sanchez. Sanchez claims to have cracked the message and is offering a €25,000 reward to anyone else who is able to decipher the message.

British intelligence organization GCHQ has confirmed that the message was found on the leg of a carrier pigeon and was undeciphered. Sanchez has created security software called 4YEO based on the structure of the encrypted WWII code that will come to market in late 2016.

The software will encrypt test, documents, WhatsApp, messenger, SMS, and Skype conversations. A message based on the 4YEO code, which was used by the British and French Resistance in WWII, has been posted to the 4YEO website for anyone to try and decipher to win the reward. The contest period runs from September 1 to December 31, 2015.

SOURCE: didasanchez