SpaceX Dragon MK 2 unveiling starts now

As promised, SpaceX is unveiling the Dragon MK 2 at the moment, having kicked it off just now at about 10PM EDT. You can watch it for yourself in a live streaming of the event, which is set to take place for two hours, coming to an end at midnight in the same time zone.

Elon Musk originally announced the event on his Twitter page, and tonight we're gearing up to see the full unveiling, giving the curious public its first look at the new space craft. There weren't many details at the time, but what we're getting is a look at an improvement over the first Dragon.

The first Dragon was used to shuttle about 1,000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station a couple years ago (featured in the image above), and the new Dragon will likely expand upon this ability by adding human cargo to the mix.

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