South Korean ISP announces 10Gbps broadband Internet plan

The United States is clamoring for widespread availability of 1 gigabit Internet service options, something that is slowly rolling out but is still a long way off from being an option for most. In the meantime, Internet users in South Korea are slated to get service that trumps that connection speed ten-fold, with SK Broadband revealing that it has a 10Gbps service in the works. The service is not available yet, and it seems there will still be a decent wait before it arrives.

According to Stop The Cap, SK Broadband unveiled the upcoming service at the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunications Union on October 20. Under this, South Korean users will see the time it takes for them to download a 1GB file drop from 80 seconds to 0.8 seconds, it was said.

During the unveiling, some harsh words were given about the state of Internet in the US. Said Pyon Seo-Ju:

In my travels to the United States, it is very plain they have lost their way in advancing broadband technology. Internet access is terribly slow and expensive because American politicians have sacrificed America's technology leadership to protect conglomerates and allow them to flourish.

There are several different companies working to bring Gigabit Internet to pockets of the United States, with Google Fiber being the most notable — though it only has service available in a couple cities. AT&T recently announced plans to further expand its own Gigabit offering, and some municipal ISPs have launched their own version in a few states.

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