South Korean class action suit against Apple seeks nearly $26 million

Early this month I mentioned that Apple had been fined in South Korea for tracking users of the iPhone without their permission. The fine was a paltry $2,800 against a company that makes billions. In other words, it amounted to less than a slap on the wrist for Apple. Apple has now been sued by a group of users in South Korea over location tracking.

There are 27,000 iPhone users in the country that are part of a class action that is seeking $25.7 million from Apple. That would work out to a $932 per person in the suit. Apple has offered no official comment on the suit at this point. Since Apple has already been fined, even though the fine was tiny, there would seem to be a precedent in the case.

The location tracking row has blown up all around the world. Apple clams that it no longer stores data about the location of towers and WiFi hotspots used on the phone. Apple still denies any intent to track the location of the users. The first hearing in the case is set for October or November in the southern city of Changwon. The legal team in the case is searching out more users to join.

[via Huffington Post]