Apple Gets Fined $2,829 In Korea For Location Tracking

Apple has been fighting several legal battles around the world in relation to the location tracking scandal. If you thought, Apple would be subject to huge penalties for tracking the whereabouts of users that isn't accurate in all countries. The South Korea telecom regulator has fined Apple a whopping 3 million won. That works out to a mere $2,829 for collecting location data on iPhone users inside the country.

According to the Korean Communications Commission, the results of a four-month investigation determined that even when iPhone users had location services turned off Apple was still collecting user location data. The collection of that data is said to have happened from June 22, 2010 to May 4, 2011. This is the second meager fine that has been assessed against Apple in South Korea.

Apple settled a tracking lawsuit with a Korean man for the equivalent of $950. The settlement was compensation over "psychological stress" and infringement on the man's constitutional right to privacy. That ruling might come back to haunt Apple with the attorney on that case working on a joint suit with 300 people interested in joining so far.

[via WSJ]