Sony’s Playstation Vue to be the latest TV service for cord-cutters

Lindsey Caldwell - Mar 12, 2015, 4:50am CDT
Sony’s Playstation Vue to be the latest TV service for cord-cutters

Netflix, Hulu, and Yahoo Screen are some of the bigger names in the new business of television programming without a traditional paid-television service. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will be joining these cord-cutting services soon. SCE is launching a new online TV service called Playstation Vue which will be available through the Playsation Network to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 console users. Sony wants to change the way users experience the Playstation Network. They’ve expanded their service from offering games to including a Spotify service for music. The Playstation Vue will now be adding cable-free TV programming to the mix.

Playstation Vue isn’t available just yet. In the next two weeks SCE will begin a test market in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Regrettably, we aren’t able to join in on the testing because it’s invitation only. We won’t have to wait long because before the end of the year SCE plans to release Playstation Vue all throughout the US.

We don’t have a list of exactly what will be available through the Playstation Vue service. We do know that SCE has made deals with CBS, NBCUniversal, 21st Century Fox, and Viacom to provide programming for the Playstation Vue. So it is looking to be comparable to other services already on the market.

Sony has yet to disclose any pricing information. Playstation Vue also has an app in the works so iPad users could use Vue in the future to watch their favorite shows. Un-tethering Vue from the Playstation hardware is a smart move that allows Sony to reach beyond it’s console-owning demographic. There is no word about an Android app in the works. If Sony wants to be smart about it, they shouldn’t leave Android users in the lurch.

Source: WSJ

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