Sony's PlayStation Experience: here's what you missed

Sony just finished its standalone PlayStation Experience media event in Las Vegas this weekend, and it unloaded a ton of teasers on gamers. Not all of them good, unfortunately. But if you weren't keeping tabs on the press conference, you need not fret as there is plenty of time to catch up before the games hit stores next year. As to what those games are, it's a wide collection of sequels to iconic titles like Street Fighter and Yakuza, as well as a bunch of new inventions from indie developers.

As was leaked earlier, the latest Street Fighter V will, in addition to being a PlayStation 4 exclusive, also be available on PCs. But it won't just be a simple case of availability. SF V will actually feature multiplayer cross-platform gameplay, meaning that you can dish it out with other players even if you're not playing on the same platform.

Although not exactly a new game, Yakuza 5 will finally be landing on Western shores. The latest installment of the Yakuza series will arrive in the US and Europe, exclusive to the PlayStation 3 via PSN only. In preparation for that, Sony is making Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls available in Europe starting December 7 from the PlayStation Store.

Not all the upcoming games are from big franchises, and they need not be in order to be interesting. For example, Drawn to Death is a rather intriguing third-person arena shooter from God of War and Twisted Metal game designer David Jaffe. Eschewing the photorealistic rendering common in today's games, Drawn to Death adopts a more exaggerated celshaded approach, with characters and a world seemingly scribbled on a teenager's notebook.

A similar "from a child's mind" theme, but a bit more light-hearted, comes via Wattam. With Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi at the helm, together with Journey producer Robin Hunickle, you can expect some interesting, if not downright nonsensical, themes and gameplay to ensue.

On the indie side, a few existing titles will be making their way to Sony's gaming devices. Adventure platformer Shovel Knight is one. Transistor, from Supergiant, the makers of Bastion, will be landing on both the PS4 and the PS Vita. Orcs Must Die: Unchained sequel, Dobule Fine's Gang Beasts, and horror sequel Killing Floor 2, are also some of the indie titles to look forward to next year.

One of the biggest disappointments perhaps, some even call it the biggest trolling this year, is Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4. Yes, the most beloved JRPG classic is coming to the latest gen console, but nothing has changed. Not remastered, not HD, and not even the most wished for remake in gorgeous 3D ala Advent Children. Then again, there is a surge of interest in retro-looking games lately, so this straight out port might just fit the bill.

If you have a lot of time to burn, you can also watch the whole two-hour long PlayStation Experience Keynote below.