Street Fighter 5 trailer taps PS4/PC release

This morning a trailer was leaked for Street Fighter 5. This trailer was almost certainly set to be released in full this weekend, during the PlayStation Experience event series in Las Vegas, Nevada. Instead, we're seeing the bits and pieces of this next-generation release appear here, in super-short mode. Capcom continues to helm, and the game appears to mix some futuristic backing effects with previous-yen fighting animatics. This is also very likely an early look at the game, with final graphics not yet shown.

Like previous releases, this game looks to combine live fighting effects with animatic pauses. When an ultra-special move is executed, we'll be pulled out to a pre-rendered scene. This scene will be pulled back into live action without a hiccup.

Above you'll see the game teaser delivered at 720p, 60fps. This does not indicate that the game itself will be delivered at this size and speed, but IS a good sign, to be sure.

Nothing is scheduled for Street Fighter or Capcom during the PlayStation Experience specifically right now, but that doesn't mean they won't make a surprise appearance. This game could also be playable at Capcom Cup – coming up quick!

No release date has been shared, only word that the game will be exclusive to PC and PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile Street Fighter IV Ultra has gone on "super sale" in Japan for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – well timed!