Sony’s Blu-Ray toting VAIO FZ180 media laptop reviewed

Chris Davies - Jul 10, 2007

If you want a laptop with built-in HD and a Blu-Ray drive then your options are pretty limited, and you’re generally looking at something highly wallet-draining.  Crunchgear’s Seth Porges has been playing with one such machine: the $2,000 Sony VAIO LZ180, which fills a crisp-edged case with Intel’s 2GHz Core 2 Duo T7300 CPU, a 15-inch Xbrite display running off an NVidia GeForce 8400 GT, and a 200GB hard-drive to store all that lovely media.


 Sony VAIO FZ180

Performance wise Seth seems to think he got a semi-dud review unit; while the processor whipped along at a pleasantly speedy pace in most situations, video performance was dire.  Otherwise he’s glowing (although so is the LX180, as apparently the metal casing gets very hot after a while) in his report, though he warns that if Blu-Ray isn’t absolutely essential you can get pretty much the same machine for $500 less.

Check out Seth’s full reviewfor all the details [Crunchgear]

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